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Play as a novice warlock in a fantastical magic town and receive quests from an array of sexy NPCs (and attempt to court them). If you enjoy dating sims, adventure games, adult content, parody/comedy, fantasy settings, and the occult, you will indeed have a good time with this unique casual game.

My Breast Friend Sally

An erotic/ comedy visual novel, centered around a day in the life of a busty cow-girl who has a severe crush on her younger male caretaker. Experience a fully voiced story a point and click exploration of the farm, and many unlockables.


JiangShi is a lifelong student of the arts (and smut) and has worked professionally as a SFW artist/designer in various industries (mainly games) for over 15 years. Creating NSFW artworks and fanarts in his spare time for many years, he decided to go full-time into adult game development in 2019 in the Kupaa Circle of creators, with a focus on creating his own IPs and directing original game and media projects.

  • Gender: Male
  • Based: USA
  • Age: Millennial
  • EXP: 15+ years
  • Main skills: Illustration, design, game development, music production
  • Favorite Food: Chinese style BBQ pork
  • Hobbies: Playing music, horror/sci fi films, games, fitness… all the things